5 Unusual Ways to Use Bathroom Tiles


So far, you may have gotten familiar with the general methods that can create exciting postures for your home interior. Meanwhile, the most impressive way to start is finding suitable bathroom tiles for unusual designs. More so, these methods are not unique; they are also fascinating and yield high results. Our job is also to help you discover new ways to use bathroom tiles to fit into an overall uncommon design for your bathroom. 

As you check out many of the shared bathrooms in Australia, it is not difficult to find tiles on the walls and floors. At the same time, this observation comes with the use of different patterns and different qualities for the designs. For instance, homeowners use hardwearing and waterproof surfaces with decorative abilities and are also easy to clean. Apart from the conventional types of bathroom tiles, other cost-effective options can serve as alternatives.

Moreover, many people prefer to use fanciful shower wall panels and laminate or vinyl flooring. But the main deal is to complement the entire bathroom tiles design with the proper method of bathroom tiles while keeping the users safe. For example, safety when using the bathroom is essential in choosing the kind of tiles in use. 

Therefore, you may need to add an extra layer of protection to any part of the bathroom that may be vulnerable and produce a seamless look from the floor to the ceiling. By implication, please note that homeowners need to resist the temptation to play it safe with plain tiles with slippery surfaces. Instead, you should choose tried and tested methods with very tedious work. Below are the top 5 exceptional tile ideas to use for the right kind of inspiration.

Feature Alcove

The presence of an alcove or a recess is an excellent way to up your bathroom design through a new layer of creativity. For a start, using white tiles constitute a popular choice among other bathroom tiles and can inspire the user on their own. Meanwhile, if you add a layer of valuable space within the use of the feature, it is easy to kill two birds with one stone. At the same time, you can create a level of consistency with all the ideal features in your bathroom.


This feature is also very suitable for the floor and the wall if you create a good pattern. However, the most impressive one is that any color can work for you. And if you have a uniform color all through, you can spice things up by using a different color for the grout. At the same time, you can even use a single color within the alcove or match the colors with the towels and other accessories to make a cohesive look altogether. 

Create a geometric mix

During all the pattern options in the mix, you can have a geometric opportunity that is increasingly popular today. Instead of the conventional square shape, you can consider other options that are handier. It is imperative if you have to combine more than one texture within the design. For instance, you can combine ceramic material with wood to mix tones towards more perfection.  You can read about 7 Simple Steps To Choosing Bathroom Tiles by visiting http://thegiftdecor.com/7-simple-steps-to-choosing-bathroom-tiles/


While creating more uniqueness, you can make traditional parquet flooring as a mimicry of the conventional pattern. This pattern may also include a layout that optimizes the use of wood that can cost a bit lesser than other materials. Meanwhile, it is highly suitable for the bathroom with the correct polish to protect against water and infection. 

However, note that this method may not be the easiest, but it sure has many advantages for interior designers who mean business. In addition, it requires a good level of planning and careful crafty cutting that may require professional handling for more elaborate designs. 

Metro sensual design

The metro tile design is a great way to add a new layer of colored theme to your home interior design. Particularly, if you have a single wall, you may want to recreate the color theme using a metro sensual design. Meanwhile, the beveled tiles are also gaining more popularity, while many people realize that they can be used to create different patterns or layouts within the bathroom. For instance, the herringbone pattern can work for its simplicity and effectiveness. 


You can use up to 5 different colors within a herringbone pattern while having unique styles. The eventual result is usually stunning with all its decorative and functional parts. As you bear this in mind, you can begin to consider the metro pattern’s different styles, such as the metro sage beveled gloss wall tile or the silver marble beveled gloss wall tile. Another option is the metro blush pink beveled gloss wall tile and the metro Carrara beveled gloss wall tile. 

Time for extra texture


When it comes to creating a modern and minimalistic design style for your bathroom, you can use a mix of transparent textures and flat tiles. Moreover, it can also create an intriguing zebra stripe effect on your bathroom. At the same time, you can select more subtle shades on the style and incorporate bold colors in all their color varieties. This pattern can work best for traditional bathroom design. 

Create a journey from light to dark

The French interior design has a peculiar style known as the ‘Ombre’ meaning ‘shaded.’ It involves a gradual blending of one color hue to another in gradual darkening of shades. For instance, it can journey from light to dark from the top to the bottom while creating different trends for the home interior. Moreover, you can even try out the large maxi metro tiles on this pattern to create a tonal look for a more contemporary style.


Another benefit of using this technique is that it makes the bathroom appear more significant than usual. The perception of more space is therefore perfect for a bathroom with a small area. The intelligence in creating this gradual flow also requires the designer to understand the flow of work and divide it into the number of shades in the tile collection. Remember that this style is just one of the ways to optimize your color combination in your home interior.


On a final note, the adventure of trying different styles with the suggested techniques can create an irresistible look in the end. More so, you may need a professional to handle some of the designs to have a perfect outlook. And an excellent place to start is to explore our choice options in stock for the ideal bathrooms tiles that meet your needs.