7 Simple Steps to Choosing Bathroom Tiles


The choice of bathroom tiles can get overwhelming if you are new to the interior decorations market. Moreover, the home interior design expresses your style, creating an adventure for everyone who encounters it. Some of the acceptable methods in the home require a gentle adherence to the ideas that can work and not generalize things. Below are the seven vital steps that can guide you to choosing the best set of bathroom tiles for your home.

Safety first

The safety of your bathroom tiles becomes your most vital attribute when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. According to the CDC, over 80% of domestic accidents are due to falls in the home, especially the bathroom. Many of these cases are also emergency cases and happen to people above 15 (not kids). Also, while ceramic tiles provide some level of confidence in their use in the home for the sake of safety, there are other domestic tile options.


At the same time, ceramic tiles give the user a wide range of options and usually prevent slipping. Moreover, staying on the safe side is good irrespective of whether the floor is wet or dry, while you can also find the right type of file that fits perfectly for your shower. On the other hand, you can try out the mosaic tile that can work for your battery, especially if you get tiles of smaller sizes. The advantage of smaller tiles is that they attract more grout lines, which is good for more traction. 

Water, water, and more water

As there is every tendency that lots of water may drop around your bathroom, it is essential to pick an appropriate tile for that purpose. Some of the most probable options include ceramic tile, quarry tile, and porcelain tile. These are all parts of the ceramic family for interior home decorations for areas exposed to water. As evident, don’t be surprised that people still make that mistake because all tiles can work everywhere. Click here to read about 5 Unusual Ways To Use Bathroom Tiles.

On the other hand, everyone needs to get it right for the shower and bathroom type because fundamentally, they must be waterproof. Starting with the right kind of materials, you can add the right way of installation and then follow the use and maintenance method. The result is a perfect waterproof bathroom tile that can protect the surface against water without ruining the underlying structure.

Make it healthy, wealthy, and wisely

Following wetness in the area, you can expect to find many bacteria and mold infections, except you take good care of the site. Using ceramic bathroom tiles prevents the growth of bacteria and other related germs because it has a fundamental antimicrobial property. In addition, it can suppress and even utterly destroy every harmful organism in the surrounding. Inclusive in that list are fungus, viruses, mold, and bacteria while making the environment healthy. Click here to read about Infections – bacterial and viral.

Some of the other health benefits of using ceramic bathroom tiles include the following

  • No allergens
  • No formaldehyde
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • No plastic
  • No polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Clean things up


Installing ceramic bathroom tiles is another great way to create an environment that you can easily clean and maintain. Ceramics don’t attract stains easily, and even when it does catch a shame, it can be easily cleaned off with some amount of soap and water. You don’t even need any chemicals for the cleaning process because it is usually not a tough stain. Moreover, the material is non-adhesive to stain contents. Consequently, house cleaning requires a low-maintenance shower to be intact, thereby saving money, effort, and other essential materials. 

All the feelings

The next step is to consider what it means to have a ceramic tile with a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns in your options. This collection set can help you create a perfect ambiance through your creative style in your bathroom shower. Moreover, you can add a personal spot of luxury within the array while effectively managing your available space. Other advantages of this bathroom tile type are a comfortable guest retreat environment and a relaxation spot creation.

Don’t forget to create a perfect feeling for your feet by choosing the ceramic bathroom tiles with the right massaging texture. In many cases, the surface of ceramic tiles is usually with a variety of finishes that can either be smoother or rougher, depending on your choice. Meanwhile, they also allow you to explore the preferences you have in mind in selecting your shower flooring or the bench.  


It is essential that you maintain harmony among all the elements in the creation or renovation of your bathroom. Ceramic bathroom tiles represent a family of materials and items that can safely coordinate sizes, textures, finishes with shapes for correct representation. In other words, the inclusion of these properties must harmonize the rest of your bathroom cohesively and intentionally that every user can relate with.

Furthermore, using these ceramic tiles makes it easier to deal with all the extra features in some cases, such as the backsplash. Or it may even determine your choice for more critical options like the floor, ceiling, and walls in addition to what is applicable in your shower. Having a consistent color and pattern combination makes the whole place look and feel appealing and attractive at the same time. 


Your bathroom must speak your language, which involves all the elements, including the bathroom tiles and appliances. Remember that there is a fundamental purpose for every single item you have in the bathroom. In the same way, there may be other secondary purposes that you subject them to. However, no matter how large or small your shower or bathroom is, the ceramic bathroom tiles can create a uniform or a unique look. At the same time, your family members may determine how simplistic or sophisticated you will like the whole area to look.


For example, if you have many kids in the family, you want to excite the safety and precaution that everyone takes inside the bathroom. In addition, you may also add some rules to prevent the use of certain items carelessly to avoid spills that can lead to an accident. On the other hand, if older people are more advanced in age, they may need help to make things easier. All of these factors determine to what extent you can customize bathroom tiles to fit your peculiar needs. 


On a final note, bathroom tiles depend on the seven factors that we discuss in this article. And it will be great if you can hold them in high esteem. Time and space may not allow us to add that you need to think about the long-term value of the tiles and not only the immediate satisfaction. In addition, make informed but coordinated choices and don’t put the cart before the horse. In the end, you will find yourself a nice-looking, long-serving, and highly efficient set of bathroom tiles in your home.