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Some people say home where the heart is so for that reason we put so much heart for decorating our homes. People love gifts that are beautiful, thoughtful and inexpensive. You can buy Indian handicrafts online. Handicrafts adds special touch to the interior design for your homes. There are various Indian cities that are known for their handicrafts.

  • Hand block printing is the first textile printing technique which uses blocks. Later this blocks get inked and then pressed on to the fabric.
  • Artisan culture is second most famous culture of India. India is known as the land of craftsman and artisans. This handicrafts are unique and have classy design. The product is are of elegance, style and good quality.
  • Dhokra are process is another traditional method of hollow wax casting. We use clay core to create a mould in this method. The mould is made up of mud and helps to get product shape. And the mould is covered with the wax layer.
  • Rajasthan is the origin of block printing and art has been in existence since start of humanity and many forms are developed.

You can buy Indian handicrafts online that include pottery, stone and marble craft, metal crafts and wooden crafts.

We provide wide range of pottery and clay crafts. Some most popular pottery are blue pottery, black pottery, red pottery and many others variety are there. Stone is and ancient art in which rough stones are smoothened by the controlled removal of stone. We provide great range of stone crafts. Metal crafts include shaping of gold, silver, brass, copper to design images, idols, jewellery and other items whereas wood crafts include shaping and decorating wooden objects into handicrafts items. The most common verities of wood are oak, teak, Sal, mango etc.

We offer handicrafts items of rich Indian with uniqueness and variety with classy design. They are the carriers of their old age family traditional of handmade creations. You can visit https://www.thegiftdecor to buy handicraft items online.

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