The History behind Blue Pottery!

Blue Pottery is extensively known as a traditional skill of Jaipur, however it is Turku-Persian in origin. The name ‘blue pottery’ comes from the dazzling sapphire blue bleach used to color the pottery. It is one of many Eurasian types of blue and white pottery, and linked in the figures and decoration to Islamic pottery and, more vaguely, Chinese pottery. It is comparatively rare as a type of excellence or luxury Indian pottery, most Indian types being elegant and though often highly ornamented, relatively low stature products.

Jaipur Blue Pottery Plates, made out of a similar frit material to Egyptian faience, is glassy and low-fired. No clay is used. The dough for the pottery is equipped by mixing Quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water. Another cites use Katira Gond powder (a gum), and saaji (soda bicarbonate) as ingredients.

Some of this pottery is semi-transparent and mostly decorated with bird and other animal themes. Being fired at very low temperature makes them fragile. The variety of these items are mostly attractive, such as ashtrays, vases, coasters, small bowls and boxes for trinkets. The color palette is limited to blue derived from the cobalt oxide, green from the copper oxide and white, however other non-conventional colors, such as yellow and brown are included occasionally.


The usage of blue glaze on pottery is an introduced technique, first established by Mongol artisans who combined Chinese glazing technology with Persian decorative arts. This technique moved to east India with early Turkic conquests in the 14th century. During its infancy, it was used to make tiles to decorate mosques, tombs and palaces in Central Asia. Later, following their subjugations and entrance in India, the Mughals began using them in India. Gradually the blue glaze technique grew beyond an architectural accessory to Indian potters from there, the method moved to the grasslands of Delhi and in the 17th century went to Jaipur.

Today, blue pottery is a business that provides livelihood to many people in Jaipur. The traditional designs have been espoused, and now, separately from the usual urns, jars, pots and vases, you can find tea sets, cups and saucers, plates and glasses, jugs, ashtrays and napkin rings.

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